We are creating a new style of interactive books, where you can make decisions and change the end of the story.

Become part of this contest and your story will be featured in our "PATHBOOKS" app and will be read in more than 100 countries around the world

Dare to create your own interactive story, write a Pathbook


1- It must be a book with decisions, allowing the reader to choose and take different paths, it must be a pathbook.

2- The pathbook must have at least 3 different endings, but more endings are encouraged and recommended to make it more attractive.

3- Decisions are very important; they must be interesting, justified and ingenious.

4- The story must have a minimum of 12,000 words.

Decisions are an important part of the story, they must be creative and very well structured, it should not be obvious to the reader what to choose, you should cause a dilemma and create uncertainty about the consequences of the decisions you make.

You are free to choose the theme of your story: Children, romance, horror, science fiction, fantasy, adventure, for adults, and more.

We will select ten winners to be published.

We will select the best pathbooks to be published, with their due contract.

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You do not need to be a professional writer, but the reader should enjoy reading your Pathbook.

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